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  • Posted by Joanie Abou Samra on

    Our daughter is on her honeymoon in Hawaii, a friend sent all of us the “Alice in Hulaland” video, dedicated to Patty & John this morning in a text. I loved the video ! I was going to view it a second time online, and see it on a large screen, when I found your store site. Just love it !
    We have a family friend, Julie ~ she is a real live Alice. Being in the same room with Julie on the main land, you feel the spirit of Hawaii. If you ever need a model or an ambassador Julie is your woman. Of course, Julie married a Hawaiian, and lives now in Hawaii. She is a most beautiful person, inside and out!
    I am going to pack my bags for Hawaii after seeing Willie and Merle’s video, and your store’s web site !
    Happy trails

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