• Cool down with Alice

    This has been an extremely hot summer for us in Maui...but we are not complaining. Here is one of our favorite things about the summer heat, popsicles! Watermelon is an absolute favorite of the Alice girls lately, here's an easy recipe to create your own refreshing watermelon, heat beating popsicle...enjoy!

    • 5 cups watermelon, pureed (about half of one large watermelon)
    • 5 medium kiwi, peeled and sliced


    1. Place all watermelon in a blender and process until smooth. Place kiwi slice in mold and fill popsicle wells with watermelon juice. Continue layering like that until wells are full. Insert popsicle stick and let freeze until solid. 
    2. **NOTES**(1) If your watermelon is not at its peak and lacking some sweetness, add 1 tablespoon of agave syrup at a time to the mixture until preferred sweetness is reached. The amount of popsicles this recipe yields will vary on the mold used. The mold used in the photo yields sixteen 3oz popsicles. (4) If your popsicle mold does not have a top, cover the top with foil and outline each well with your fingers. Cut a tiny slit in the middle of each well and insert popsicle stick. 

      Yields 16 servings

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